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 HushMindful Mentoring : 12-week program 


Often in life, we consciously know what we really want to do… yet we don’t feel able to ‘do the things’, because our thinking gets in the way before we can even get started! 

So, together, we will explore thought patterns or belief systems that might be holding you back, in such areas as:

• Confidence Procrastination • Boundary Limits • Fear of Success • Self-Sabotage

• Imposter Syndrome • Lack of Self-Worth • Eating/Drinking Imbalance • Self-Doubt • Worry about Judgment

In doing this, we really get under the skin of any blocks, obstacles… anything at all, that could be getting in your way; I then offer you the tools and methods of unlearning, reprogramming, rebalancing, creating and thriving! along with all the personalised business strategy you might need 

 "This phenomenon of working at a deep subconscious level is where the magic exists!" 

We create a safe and compassionate environment in which to do our wonderfully soulful and powerful work, together

Once this is established, we can map out goals, visions and achievable next steps, to help you move forwards underpinned with any clear and manageable structure that you feel is useful - It’s very much a collaborative pathway to your shining future

We will access entrenched patterns of thinking and gently challenge them, in order to shine some light on fears and emotions that may have become attached to them. We can then re-evaluate and reframe the subconscious thought to click into place with your preferred future so that you find yourself aligning with the way you WANT to be, so that ‘doing the things’ quickly feels natural and exciting!

This program packs just the right amount of compassionate ‘punch’ 

My 12-week programme delivers: 

• 12 x weekly 1:1 sessions with me (These are usually 1.5 hours…often longer!) either in person or via Zoom

• Full notes, including next steps, tailored affirmations, and journal prompts after each session

• You will receive 3 x beautiful, HushTherapy professional hypnosis tracks and 3 x soulful mindfulness tracks to enhance our work

• Unlimited messenger support with me (Mon-Fri) to help and encourage you whenever you need. (Imagine me as your personal cheerleader in your pocket for a few months)

• All 12-week packages include a luxury welcome pack from me

The investment for this package is £3,000 - Payment plans are available

All sessions are completely unique and created around you. No pre-conceived plans, ideas or agenda. We focus on the areas you identify as important to YOU


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