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About me

My name is Jo and I am a Mindful Mentor! I help people access their inner magic and move forward in their lives! 

By profession, I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist, SFBT Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher and Compassion Coach

I'm also a lecturer with The Clinical Hypnotherapy School 

I am a massive fan of mindfulness and self-compassion work and, specifically, the rapidly transformative effect it can have on our lives as we change our relationship with our inner self 


Having experienced it VERY fully for myself, I am thrilled and honoured to be working in this inpirationally wonderful field, to deliver mentoring and therapy with a soothing, mindful twist

"I know that flourishing in life and business happens when we put our regular thought-patterns to work in our favour, and when we focus our attention in a specific way - these results are life changing!"

Perhaps you are starting out in your business right now, trying to handle a challenging time in life, or, for whatever reason, haven’t quite found yourself where you would really love to be yet - You have most definitely come to the right place

If you are hoping to uncover your absolute magic and tap in to your limitless ability to create the life or business YOU want, your way… you know... the way that feels in line with who you really are, and feels absolutely perfect for you, I am excited to hear from you

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Jo x 

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