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...Where's your missing piece?


... Sounds as DULL as ditch water, right? YUK!

It conjures up things like:

• Maths Homework

• Diets, on a Monday

• P.E. cross-country runs… In a pleated navy skirt, In winter

• Tax Returns!

• Ironing (…you might love ironing – I, on the other hand, love Judith, who does my ironing)

And YET, while most of us would freely admit we could use more of it, we secretly know that self-discipline is the only true way to efficiently and consistently become a ‘purposeful human’

To shift out of your own way

To move forward

To get what you want

In your life or in your business… same deal!

And self-discipline is often confused with ‘Self-Control’…which, although comes into play here, is not really the very heart of it

It’s not a matter of slogging through a joyless routine of duties either – this has been dubbed the “Puritan Hypothesis” – sounds like utter grimmage! I do not recommend it

It’s not witchcraft (although that might arguably be useful)

…Or a genetically inherited trait

It is a very learnable life skill - YAY!

If anything, it’s a kind of ‘trade off’… or rather a series of them – with YOU at the very heart of everything

Your needs, your wants, your dreams!

Which are all MASSIVELY important – YOU are massively important

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most – Abraham Lincoln

Humans are hardwired to opt for short-term comfort over long-term gain and this goes back to when we were:

a) Cave dwellers with a foraging lifestyle

b) Faced with a much shorter life expectancy

And I am here to help you learn this skill, find your power, and become the ‘purposeful human’ that you want to be

… Step-by-tiny-consistent-step

Let’s try a little mind experiment here:

  1. Firstly, think about the areas of your life that are truly important to you and think about the changes you want to make to them… and what that would mean to you...

  2. Now, have a think about how you’d feel if, ten years from now, you’ve still not made those changes

  3. Now, let me ask you a few questions:

• Do you feel you are making your desired progress in those areas?

• Do you consistently achieve your goals… Career? Health? Finances? Relationships? Spiritual?

• Are you living the life you planned?

• Do you always keep promises you make to yourself?

• Are you fully satisfied with the way you’re spending your time, energy, and life?

…If you answered ‘no’ to one or more of these, then I’m here to let you know that self-discipline is the missing piece

Truth Bomb Alert: Knowing what you want and not feeling able to achieve it, is painful! I know this well – I have been there frequently, and for LONG periods, in my past

It’s not knowledge that is lacking in you, or intelligence, or being a damn wonderful human…

Self-discipline is a form of:

• Self-love

• Self-respect

• Self-prioritisation

• Self-actualisation

…And the way we can revolutionise it to make it feel less theoretical, dry and mechanical...

And more JOYOUS, exciting, life-enhancing, aligned, and rich, is by weaving in the Mindful Self-Compassion methods... that bring this training ALIVE and make it soulful

Mindful Self-discipline is the true GAP BRIDGER between the person you are now and the person you want to be

If you'd like to explore how you might put some Mindful Self-Discipline into practice to rocket you forward... or, for anything else I can help with, you can contact me here


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