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HushPeri TheraCoaching®

TheraCoaching® for wonderful women in their 40s

Absolutely everything you wish for... anything you dream of doing or being, is already in existence... we just need to make it YOUR reality! ...easy, right? 


And those 'realities' can take a huge hit, during perimenopause. 

This time of life, whilst an inevitability, can present some incredible challenges both in body and mind. 

Around 1.2 billion women, around the world, are in peri/menopause, and there has been a groundswell of recognition and support around this important life stage, over the past couple of years.


Navigating some of the most commonly experienced symptoms of peri/meno are easier than you might imagine, with TheraCoaching® 


Firstly, it removes the 'ick' factor often associated with anything connected with therapy - we use proven therapeutic techniques like: 

  • Solution Focus Brief Therapy

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy

  • Mindfulness

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping a fresh and exciting way

Secondly, the DEEP coaching elements are 100% useful and highly practical life skills (not just theoretical) 

It's the perfect combination of Therapy and Coaching - in fact, it's award winning! 

You might want to: 

  • Work on a troubling relationship issue

  • Overcome anxiety and regain control of your life

  • Get help managing your peri/menopause symptoms

  • Ditch a habit you no longer want... or create some lovely new ones! 

  • Start a new career or business

  • Sleep more restfully

  • Tackle trauma or PTSD

  • Manage grief with some self-compassion

  • Create healthy emotional boundaries 

  • Manage your weight in a more mindful way

  • Work through a parenting problem 

  • Ignite a long-treasured project

... or perhaps something entirely different 



Maybe you've noticed how often in life, we do know what we really want to do… yet don’t feel able to ‘do the things’, because our safety brain thinking gets in the way, unconsciously blocking us - Shutting us down, before we can even get started! 

  • Not feeling good enough, qualified enough, or worthy

  • The inner-critic voice jumping in with all the reasons you 'can't' do things

  • The seductive familiarity of 'The Comfort Zone' which then quickly feels restrictive and frustrating

Together, we will make the unconscious, conscious, exploring old or outdated thought patterns or belief systems that might be holding you back, in such areas as:

• Confidence blocks • Procrastination • Boundary Limits • Fear of Success • Self-Criticism • Anxiety • Peri/Menopause Symptoms • Imposter Syndrome • Lack of Self-Worth • Eating/Drinking Imbalance • Self-Doubt • Worry about Judgment 

We really get under the skin of what's happening for you, taking stock of what works, and scrutinising anything at all that could be getting in your way 


I then offer you the tools and methods of unlearning, reprogramming, rebalancing, creating and thriving in a way that feels just right for you

 "This phenomenon of TheraCoaching, working at a deep subconscious level, in a way that feels natural yet exciting, is where our magic exists!" 

I draw upon my wide experience (both professional and personal) of understanding brains, thought patterns, mindset, rhythms of life and the natural laws that surround us, alongside having helped hundreds of women to lead happier, more fulfilling lives! 


We'll create a safe, compassionate supportive environment in which to do our wonderfully soulful and powerful work, together. I adore this work and look forward to meeting you very soon 

The details and getting started...


There are a number of levels at which you can work with me ranging from a single stand-alone session right through to a whole year of coaching

You get to choose the duration and frequency of our sessions together and there are even payment plan options for the longer packages

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HushTherapy ®
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