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"HushTherapy was originally created as a concept, to help people find a little 'hush';

an inner quiet to counteract the stresses of everyday life" 


My name is Jo and I am a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist. The style of hypnotherapy I offer is 'Solution Focused' - It is gentle, effective and has a solid evidence base. 

 I'm a also Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and a lecturer with The Clinical Hypnotherapy School.  

What I do: 

In essence, I help people to recognise all of their wonderful skills and strengths, in order to over come mind-blocks, and problems, get a clear picture of the outcome that they want and then move towards it. 

We are sparkling, miraculous machines, with limitless potential. 

All too often, 'life' can get in the way and we lose sight of what makes us happy and fulfilled...

We then go into survival mode, get stuck and end up feeling frustrated and lost.

I have been there and I understand how it feels - It's my aim to help you get to where you want to be in life. 


My qualifications:

  • Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

  • HPD, the NCFE accredited qualification in hypnotherapy.

  • Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy, which enables me to work with people experiencing serious health conditions. 

  • Tutor at the Clinical Hypnotherapy School. 

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher - BSY, British Mindfulness Institute, Mindfulness in Schools Project. 

  • Registered Member of the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) 

  • Enhanced DBS certificate (for work with vulnerable people and children) 

  • LGBTQ Safe Space 

If you would like to move forward with something in your life, please feel welcome to get in touch.

Jo x

Jo Jones - HushTherapy ®

DipSFH, HPD,  Dip.MED.Hyp,

MCNHC (Acc.) 

HushTherapy provides: 

  • Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy 


Hypnotherapy can help with so many things! Some people like to think of it as 'brain training' - We'll have one-to-one sessions which start with an Initial Consultation to get to know you and establish what you'd like help with.


It's a gentle, practical form of therapy which helps you get to where you want to be in life and achieve the things you want to. You might want some help with: 

  • anxiety and low mood

  • social anxiety

  • sleep problems

  • a fear or phobia

  • self-esteem 

  • exam stress

  • weight control 

  • performance coaching 

  • stopping smoking

  • ...or something else entirely - hypnotherapy can help 

  • Medical Hypnotherapy

You might find yourself experiencing a health condition or concern. 

I am qualified to use Hypnotherapy in a medical setting, to support people:

  • managing long term and/or chronic pain

  • with needle phobias

  • with IBS and gut issues

  • in long-term illness and significant health challenges

  • in palliative care

  • during and after chemotherapy

The approach is person-centred and respectful, tailoring the sessions around your best hopes. I am also trained in observing correct infection-control protocols to safeguard vulnerable and immunosuppressed people. 

  • Hush HypnoMeditation® Classes 

HypnoMeditation® from HushTherapy, is a way of tapping in to the health and wellbeing benefits that we know, following years of scientific research, are readily available from both hypnotherapy/hypnosis and meditation.

"It's an extremely restful, restorative experience...a bit like a weekly reset button"

In HypnoMeditation classes, we follow a specific sequence of simple, gentle, practices designed to provide maximum relaxation and to optimise potential health benefits. It is evidence-led, backed by many years of neuro-scientific research on how our minds and bodies function and heal. 

These are group sessions of 1 hour, with around eight people in the class.

Booking is required. (Block-book 'class-pass' system applies) 

Here are just some of the therapeutic benefits of HushTherapy hypnotherapy sessions & meditation classes:


  • reduced anxiety levels 

  • improved sleep

  • positivity and increased levels of confidence

  • greater clarity and focus in daily life

  • increased levels of motivation 

  • acceleration of the body’s natural healing process


To find out more or to make a booking, please feel very welcome to get in touch



Services - Therapy and Classes


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

"Become who you are" - Friederich Nietzsche

If you're struggling with something ...a particular problem, anxiety or depression, a fear or phobia, maybe you want to stop smoking, get some help with pain management or you’d like some help reaching a particular goal in life; I can help.

Using simple techniques, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is gentle and effective. It draws upon the ‘best bits’ of therapies like NLP, CBT, SFBT and combines it with hypnosis (trance) to offer a powerful therapy to help get you where you want to be. 

What happens in our sessions: 

I always start with an initial consultation to talk about what you'd like and how we are going to work together; this also includes an explanation of what happens in our brain when we experience various things that end up holding us back, how we end up suffering in the way that we do, and what we can do about it. I then explain how the hypnotherapy process works. 

This is followed by a course of sessions tailored to your specific needs, backed up with an MP3 file or CD to support you between sessions. 


  • Initial Consultation Session - £70

  • Hypnotherapy Sessions (50 min approx.) - £70

Cancellation Policy: 

24-hours minimum notice required to change or cancel an appointment. 

Appointments cancelled or missed, beyond that point, will still be payable. 

In the event that I need to rearrange your appointment with fewer than 24 hours' notice, I will book you a free session. 

Hush HypnoMeditation Classes

"a blissed-out lie down with some guided meditation"

HypnoMeditation® from HushTherapy, is a way of tapping in to the health and wellbeing benefits that we know, following years of scientific research, are readily available from both hypnotherapy/hypnosis and meditation. 

It's a highly restorative, peaceful experience of guided meditation practice that weaves in some soothing hypnotherapy language patterns to enhance the overall relaxation and wellbeing experience. 

We work with a gentle yet specific sequence of practices to ensure that we ease as much tension and stress from our physical bodies as possible, before we settle down to a seated visualisation meditation and finally a fabulous, snuggly, guided hypnomeditation session to help empty our 'stress-buckets', refocus and refresh our bodies and minds.

There's often a theme, where we give particular focus to an area of life which might need some care or a bit of a boost. Typically, these can be things like: Confidence, Motivation, Letting go of perfection, Immune-system care and Self-esteem. 

Classes are small, very friendly and offer good levels of support. Come and join us 

(Max 9 per class) -

We operate a block-booking 'Class-Pass' system to keep things simple. Get in touch for details. 

The Old Rectory Clinic, Iron Acton - Thursdays 7 - 8 pm - £8 per class (if block booking) 

   or £10 per class 'drop-in' rate (subject to availability)      

HypnoMeditation® is a trademark of Hushtherapy


HushTherapy ®
Jo Jones -tel: 07970 686201
email: jo@hushtherapy.co.uk
Hush HypnoMeditation® Classes at: 
The Old Rectory Clinic, Iron Acton, BS37 9UQ
Email: jojones@theoldrectoryclinic.co.uk
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